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P. Surynek, A. Felner, R. Stern and E. Boyarski. Efficient SAT Approach to Multi-Agent Path Finding Under the Sum of Costs Objective. In Proceedings of the European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI), pages 810-818, 2016.

Abstract: In the multi-agent path finding (MAPF) the task is to find non-conflicting paths for multiple agents. In this paper we present the first SAT-solver for the sum-of-costs variant of MAPF which was previously only solved by search-based methods. Using both a lower bound on the sum-of-costs and an upper bound on the makespan, we are able to have a reasonable number of variables in our SAT encoding. We then further improve the encoding by borrowing ideas from ICTS, a search-based solver. Experimental evaluation on several domains showed that there are many scenarios where the new SAT-based method outperforms the best variants of previous sumof-costs search solvers - the ICTS and ICBS algorithms.

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