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J. Li, H. Zhang, M. Gong, Z. Liang, W. Liu, Z. Tong, L. Yi, R. Morris, C. Pasareanu and S. Koenig. Scheduling and Airport Taxiway Path Planning under Uncertainty. In Proceedings of the AIAA Aviation Forum and Exposition (AIAA), pages (in print), 2019.

Abstract: Congestion and uncertainty on the airport surface are major constraints to the available capacity of the air transport system. This project seeks to study the problem of planning and scheduling airport surface movement at large airports. Specifically, we focus on scheduling and taxiway path planning of multiple aircraft. In this paper we describe a simulation tool that is capable of simulating aircraft movement along the taxiway, including models of uncertainty during aircraft movement. We introduce a new approach to scheduling that includes models for predicting surface movement uncertainty.

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