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H. Ma, G. Wagner, A. Felner, J. Li, S. Kumar and S. Koenig. Multi-Agent Path Finding with Deadlines. In Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), pages 417-423, 2018.

Abstract: We formalize Multi-Agent Path Finding with Deadlines (MAPF-DL). The objective is to maximize the number of agents that can reach their given goal vertices from their given start vertices within the deadline, without colliding with each other. We first show that MAPF-DL is NP-hard to solve optimally. We then present two classes of optimal algorithms, one based on a reduction of MAPF-DL to a flow problem and a subsequent compact integer linear programming formulation of the resulting reduced abstracted multi-commodity flow network and the other one based on novel combinatorial search algorithms. Our empirical results demonstrate that these MAPF-DL solvers scale well and each one dominates the other ones in different scenarios.

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